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What keeps you up at night

Texas Business Attorneys

The group is fast, effective and straightforward, and the client’s agenda is its agenda. Chambers and Partners

Our Approach

  • Collaborative

    When you hire a law firm, you should harness the abilities of the entire firm, not just one lawyer. Johnston Clem Gifford's collaborative process leverages our diverse skills and perspectives, putting our best talent at your service. Whether structuring a complex transaction or waging bet-the-business litigation, our lawyers work across practice lines in pursuit of superior results.

  • Straightforward

    Your lawyers should speak the same language you speak—not legalese or ancient jargon. Whether writing for clients, courts, or opposing counsel, we prize clarity above all else. That means our emails and briefs will get to the point quickly and clearly. Our contracts will avoid ambiguity. And our legal advice will be in plain English.

  • Sense
    of Urgency

    Business moves fast and the rate of change increases constantly. Speed isn’t just a competitive advantage—it’s critical to your success. Our firm nurtures an intensity that keeps us sharp and helps clients turn crisis into opportunity.

  • Persistent

    A relentless urge for knowledge drives us every day. We work to understand, deeply, our world, our clients’ worlds, the obstacles we face, and the tools we deploy. By asking why—by interrogating the facts and questioning our assumptions—we see more clearly and describe more precisely.