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We established Johnston Clem Gifford with a mission to perfect client service by balancing the business of law with the practice of law. That means we invest in our core strengths and focus on work that we find interesting and purposeful while evolving a cutting-edge legal practice.

Our co-emphasis on the practice of law diverges from some trends in the legal marketplace. Some firms have become collections of senior lawyers, with few or no early- or mid-career lawyers. Those firms neglect their professional duty to mentor younger lawyers and paralegals. Our profession requires life-long learning. We learn through instruction, guidance, practice, mentorship, and by acting in our clients’ interests.

The firm is not always a “first employer”—depending on growth cycles, we often seek lawyers with some seasoning—but we take our professional duties seriously and strive to create an environment conducive to learning new skills and honing existing skills. This is an investment in the profession and an investment in our people—one that ultimately benefits our clients as they will continue to need capable legal representation in the future.

We provide unmatched mentorship and professional development opportunities for lawyers, paralegals, and support staff who are interested in our core focus and who share our five firm values:

Sense of Urgency. Clients hire Johnston Clem Gifford to manage crisis or capture opportunity. We consider it imperative to act promptly and decisively.

Obsessive Curiosity. Curiosity drives broader knowledge and better counsel. We examine deeply the events, people, and legal frameworks that affect our clients. Our obsession for detail gives our clients commanding influences and positions.

Collaborative Philosophy. We expect each of our professionals to become a leader in her chosen field. We also require them to check egos at the door because we know that collaboration improves client outcomes.

Clear Communication. As client advocates, we must speak and write effectively. Clarity is a difficult but teachable skill that we refine every day.

Advanced Technology. We invest in cutting-edge technology and security tools, meeting or exceeding the demands of our most regulated clients.

Harmonizing the business with the practice requires having “the right people in the right seats.” If you share our values and our interest in client service, please visit the appropriate page on the right to learn more.

Johnston Clem Gifford is an equal opportunity employer.