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Current Texas Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Laws

The Texas Legislature passed new cybersecurity laws in 2017 and 2019, while the 2021 legislative session appears unlikely to produce […]

Federal Appeals Court Considers OCC’s FinTech Charter Authority

What is the “business of banking?” The Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit is pondering that question as […]

Court or Out of Court: The Potential Benefits of Pursuing Mediation

Sometimes solving issues without waiting for a court ruling—while being prepared to take things all the way—can be the best […]

The OCC’s “True Lender” Rule is Facing a Potential Reversal

Controversy and a high-profile lawsuit have surrounded the banking rule since the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued […]

New PPP Compliance Procedures for 2021

The government delegated approval authority to lenders for the first round of Paycheck Protection Program loans in 2020—reflecting the emergency […]

Data Privacy Class Action Lawsuits Pose a Rising Threat to the Financial Industry

Increased regulatory pressures and higher expectations for companies’ defenses against cyberattacks make financial institutions vulnerable to class action lawsuits. Key […]

Texas’s Rule 202: A Unique Approach to Pre-Litigation Discovery

Broad allowances for pre-lawsuit discovery through a provision in the Rules of Civil Procedure present an opportunity for Texas attorneys […]

Changes to SEC Rules on Equity Crowdfunding Loosen Restrictions on Raising Capital

New Securities and Exchange Commission rules that raise funding caps for all levels of equity crowdfunding and clarify requirements for […]

Fraudulent Transfer or Voidable Transaction? A Look at Fraudulent Conveyance Regulations

State laws dealing with asset transfers concerning bankruptcy are getting a closer look because of a new version of the […]

Recent FinCEN Guidance Highlights Importance of Policies, Procedures, and Processes

Recently, FinCEN issued guidance regarding seven FAQs related to Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) filing requirements and “Keep Open” Requests, with […]