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We aim to create superior work through constant evolution. –Kenneth C. Johnston

The work matters because the result matters. It matters to our clients, to our adversaries, to our judges, and to our contractual counterparties. We produce superior work by effort and intelligence, but also by challenging standards. We seek continuous improvement, for ourselves and for our clients.

Our firm logo reflects this desire for evolution: a deceptively simple origami figure. Origami figures are flexible—they can be plain or ornate, brutal or graceful. They can change from one form to another. The practice rewards patience and demands effort and creativity. 

Our Mission

We strive to attract the most interesting legal work from the most dynamic clients by living our values, applying a timeless work ethic, and developing deep core strengths. In everything we do, we seek to balance the practice of law with the business of law.

Our Values

Talent, integrity, motivation, professional judgment. Every lawyer should prize these qualities and should apply them in the pursuit of their client’s interests. We consider them “table stakes”—the minimum requirements for participation in the profession. Our lawyers, paralegals, and support and executive staff members share these qualities, but also several less common traits. We measure ourselves against the qualities below—five values that form the foundation of our law firm.

Sense of Urgency. Clients hire Johnston Clem Gifford to manage crisis or capture opportunity. We consider it imperative to act promptly and decisively.

Obsessive Curiosity. Curiosity drives broader knowledge and better counsel. We examine deeply the events, people, and legal frameworks that affect our clients. Our obsession for detail gives our clients commanding influences and positions.

Collaborative Philosophy. We expect each of our professionals to become a leader in her chosen field. We also require them to check egos at the door because we know that collaboration improves client outcomes.

Clear Communication. As client advocates, we must speak and write effectively. Clarity is a difficult but teachable skill that we refine every day.

Advanced Technology. We invest in cutting-edge technology and security tools, meeting or exceeding the demands of our most regulated clients.