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We Like Tough Defendants.

Our litigators bring experience from big firms, boutique firms, and prosecutor’s offices. We’ve earned distinguished reputations in the trenches, fighting for clients in federal and state courtrooms, before arbitration panels, and in mediator offices. Clients and adversaries say we punch above our weight class.

Our approach has generated success against the toughest defendants—international concerns, accounting firms, law firms, and local and state governments. We like bringing claims against cheats, frauds, and others who think they’re untouchable.

 Featured Experience

  • Our lawyers represented an agent bank for a defaulted eight-figure syndicated agricultural loan where the borrower’s auditors failed for years to correctly test inventory values. Worse, the borrower’s attorneys had signed misleading legal opinion letters to support the loan. We helped our bank client take control of the lender group and recover very favorable settlements.
  • Our lawyers set new law for Florida’s largest landowner in connection with the Deep Water Horizon litigation. To maximize leverage, we crafted a first-of-its-kind jurisdictional argument that required remand from federal to state court, and away from the slow-moving federal multidistrict litigation. The federal district court agreed and remanded.
  • Our lawyers drove settlement of claims for an eight-figure auditing failure in connection with an industrial loan package. Among other things, we showed that the auditors had failed to identify and report a contractually-forbidden speculative commodities hedging scheme perpetrated by the borrower’s executive.