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Corporate plaintiffs often hold claims against a variety of actors. Potential targets may include insiders, affiliate companies, or long-term vendors to the company—such as accounting firms, law firms, technology and cybersecurity vendors, brokers or insurance carriers, and other people or entities who have a special relationship to the company. In those cases, companies should carefully examine recovery options through an investigation designed to diplomatically gather information and identify claims. At the same time, the investigation should credibly determine whether the company faces exposure or a limitation on its potential recovery due to wrongdoing that can be imputed to the company itself.

Johnston Clem Gifford’s Corporate Plaintiffs lawyers tailor each investigation to the client’s specific needs, with respect for the political landscape and sensitivities involved. We conduct independent investigations for boards of directors, trustees, and committees for public and privately-held companies seeking to quantify potential claims as well as potential exposure.

Investigations designed and initiated by the Corporate Plaintiffs team can identify theft or embezzlement, financial fraud, vendor mismanagement, technological vulnerabilities, and can determine whether employees are knowing conspirators or unknowing pawns. Often, Johnston Clem Gifford conducts the investigation in connection with our early-case assessment, which involves leveraging case analytics tools and a multi-disciplinary “360 Review” to provide clients with a thorough understanding of case opportunities and challenges.